Savor Brussels Gin, discover the soft nuances of Brussels ground chicory and toast to the white gold!
Enjoy, but drink in moderation.

Witlof from Brussels Gin

Brussels Gin is not just any gin. It was made with Brussels ground chicory and a fine selection of botanicals. 

Its refined taste and high quality distinguish it from all commercial gins.

Krop witloof

The use of a special spice mix in combination with the ground chicory and cold dripping gave the gin its unique taste.

Brussels Gold


Witlof’ or ‘witloof’ is Flemish for chicory
or Belgian endives. Its cultivation has left
its mark on the Brussels Region, more
specifically Flemish Brabant. Chicory
is the white gold, a real world renown
Growing traditional ground chicory
requires a lot of work. Unfortunately,
considerable amounts of residual flows
are lost during the cleaning. Innovative
collaborations arose for the use of these
residual flows. This Belgian top product
is one of them.

Drip by drip

After the distillation, the gin undergoes a unique production process called cold dripping. Cold dripping eliminates unwanted bitterness and acids while highlighting the mild and rich taste of the botanicals. For the preparation of the gin, in addition to the standard ingredients, we also experimented with botanicals that are used in the kitchen such as nutmeg, cloves, licorice, anise, orange peel, …

In the MIX!

Brussels Gin & Tonic

Large spherical glass
lots of ice
5 cl Brussels gin
10 cl Fever-Tree
Mediterranean Tonic.
Fresh thyme and lemon

Brussels Martini

Martini glass #ice-cooled
1/2 Brussels Gin
1/2 Dry Vermouth
Green olives and lemon zest

In the mix

Vino Degusto
Meerstraat 221, 1840 Londerzeel

De Neys-Asselman
Opperstraat 4, 1770 Liedekerke


Bart Van Droogenbroeck

Bart Van Droogenbroeck


Aims for sustainable use of biomass, including residual flows, with specific attention to minimizing the climate impact of plant and animal production and its processing into food, feed or other bio-based products (materials, energy, etc.).

Dries Dauwe


Owner of The Brewing Community and an expert in preparing high-quality spirits on a small scale. In his lab, he daily develops new products tailored to different customers (companies, catering, regional projects, etc.).


Frans Van Craenenbroeck


Drinks VCB is a 100 % family business with a history dating back to 1892. Frans Van Craenenbroeck is the fourth generation owner of the company, which is passed on from father to son and from Gust to Frans. VCB has a strong regional anchorage in Flemish Brabant.

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