The Lab Dance Gin

Sit down and enjoy the LAB dance!

The beauty of creating a gin with vodka as a basis is that you can start creating your taste from the very beginning. This spicy gin will surprise everyone. They will not believe this one is made with vodka. A favourite!


  • 0,7 g angelica root
  • 0,7 g burdock root
  • 5 g juniper berries
  • 0,7 g orange peel
  • 0,1 g camomile
  • 2,5 g coriander
  • 3 pc cardamom
  • 0,3 g cubebe
  • 0,2 g paradise seed
  • 500 ml Vodka


1. Cut the V60 filter up to the estimated height of the ingredients.

2. Crush all the juniper berries with your fingers and put them on the bottom of the filter.

3. Crush the coriander with a mortar and put on top of the juniper.

4. Put the burdock and angelica on top.

5. Crush the Cardemom, cubebe and paradise seed in a mortar and put on top of the ingredients.

6. Slightly crush the camomile with your fingers and add them on top of the ingredients.

7. Tear the dried orange peel in small pieces with your fingers and sprinkle on top of the lemon zests.

8. Cover the ingredients with a top filter.

9. Add the basic vodka.

10. Adjust dripping speed to 1 drip per second. Allow time and gravity to do the work.




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