Witlof from Brussels Gin 50cl


Savoureer Witlof from Brussels Gin, ontdek de zachte nuances van het Brussels grondwitloof en toost op het witte goud!

Geniet, maar drink met mate.

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‘Witlof’ or ‘witloof’ is Flemish for chicory or Belgian endives. Its cultivation has  left its mark on the Brussels Region, more specifically Flemish Brabant. Chicory is the white gold, a real world renown delicatessen.
Growing traditional ground chicory requires a lot of work. Unfortunately,
considerable amounts of residual flows are lost during the cleaning. Innovative
collaborations arose for the use of these residual flows. This Belgian top product is one of them.
Witlof from Brussels Gin is a high quality, micro batch gin. After double destillation, the gin received its elegant and balanced flavours via cold dripping.

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