The Lab Brewer


A unique cold drip system that allows users to experiment and create delicious homemade elixirs. Alcoholic and nonalcoholic. It is about finding YOUR personal taste.

Cold drip
A cold drip system is mostly used to create Cold brew coffee or more specifically Dutch coffee. Cold filtered water drips slowly through lightly roasted ground coffee for several hours. After experimenting with alcohol and botanicals, The Lab Brewer turned out to be more than a coffee brewer. The drip by drip extraction allows you to create the finest and unique potions. All measured to your personal taste.

Time replaces heat – The advantages of cold dripping
Hot infusions are fast, and therefore forced, extractions sometimes transferring undesirable flavours. Next to that, extractions can be cloudy. Using a cold drip system will exclude over extraction. Time replaces heat. Drip by drip, flavours are slowly transferred, stopping all cloudy particles, resulting in a beautiful, elegant and transparent elixir.

Measure your ingredients.
Use a barista scale, take notes and refine your recipe. Make it personal. Give your creations a name.

The Lab Brewer’s design is simple, but beautiful. The wooden frame is made out of the finest quality oak. Belgian fabric. The glassware is boro 3.3 glass, very trendy and resistant to thermal shock. Giving your brewer a privileged place will make it an eye-catcher and point of interest. Your guests would surely like to taste your creations.

This package includes:
1 oak frame
1 separatory funnel
1 funnel
1 erlenmeyer
1 petri dish
1 FREE pack of V02 filters
1 FREE pack of round filters
The Lab Brewers also comes in handy starter kits and this at favorable rates.

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Create delicious cold brew or your very own botanical gin! It will be your kitchens eye-catcher. With unlimited doubt, you will steal the show. The process is simple and the results stunning. The infinity of possibilities, the low cost and beautiful looks make it a prized item in hipster land.

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