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It’s simple. All our gins are produced with The Lab Brewer. We have a large battery of multiple brewers. This ensures our ability to produce high quality and custom made products in smaller quantities. We call them Micro Batch Gins.

When good recipes come up, a new gin will pop up. All depending on seasonal products, creativity and the will of the creator to share his beautiful creation 😉

Our gins and spirits with local attitude...

Local ambassadors asked The Brewing Community to create a custom spirit that represents the tradition, culture and taste of their region.

Discover our local collaborations!

Schipperskwartier Gin - Antwerpen

Natwerpen Gin

NATWERPEN Gin - Antwerpen

Nieuwstad Gin

Nieuwstad Gin - Antwerpen

Lesotho Gin

Lesotho Gin - Antwerpen

Zurenborg gin

Zurenborg Gin - Antwerpen

Miljoenenkwartier - "Picon de Gand"

Praetwater - Zeelse Gin

Manke Fiel - Assese Gin

Hamse Wuiten Gin


Kampenhout Gin

Souterrain - Zwevegemse Gin

Witlof from Brussels Gin

Witlof from Brussels

Moes - Moerzeekse Gin

Temst Gin

Temst - Gin uit Temse

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