Gin With Fresh Melon – Heartland Gin

Summer gin made with cavaillon melon, cucumber, lavender and rose leafs.

Imagine yourself in the French provence. This slightly fruity gin is a treat for everyone. Refreshing and fruity, but not to sweet, floral notes of lavender and roses and spicy notes of cardemon.


  • 25 grams melon (cavaillon)
  • 8 grams cucumber
  • 1 gram hibiscus
  • 0,1 gram orange sweet petals
  • 3 cloves cardamom
  • 1 gram coriander
  • 0,3 gram rose leaves
  • 0,1 gram lavender
  • 500 milliliters basic quality gin


1. Cut the V60 filter up to the estimated height of the ingredients.

2. Cut the melon in small cubes.

3. Cut 3 slices of cucumber in cubes and add together with the melon.

4. Measure the cardemom, rose leafs, lavender, orange blossom and coriander. Add to the mortar.

5. Crush the botanicals with a mortar and remove the cardamom shells.

6. Mix the crushed botanicals with the melon and cucumber.

7. Add all the ingredients to the V60 filter.

8. Cover the ingredients with a top filter

9. Add the basic gin.

10. Adjust dripping speed to 1 drip per second.

11. Allow time and gravity to do the work.

12. Play Buena Vista Social Club on Sotify



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