Let's make it personal. Follow your creativity and create the most stunning drinks. 

The Lab Brewer is a beautiful cold drip system that is used to transform a basic drink into a personal flavored elixir. All you have to to is choose your own ingredients and a basic drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and allow time and gravity to do its work. 

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Cold drip

A cold drip is mostly used to create Cold brew coffee or more specifically Dutch coffee. Cold filtered water drips slowly through lightly roasted ground coffee for several hours. 

After experimenting with alcohol and botanicals, The Lab Brewer turned out to be more than a coffee brewer. The drip by drip extraction allows you to create the finest and unique potions. All measured to your personal taste.

Time replaces heat -
The advantages of cold dripping

Cold dripping eliminates bitterness while highlighting the mild and rich taste.

Hot infusions are fast, and therefore forced, extractions sometimes transferring undesirable flavours. Next to that, extractions can be cloudy. Using a cold drip system will exclude over extraction. Time replaces heat. Drip by drip, flavours are slowly transferred, stopping all cloudy particles, resulting in a beautiful, elegant and transparent elixir.

Measure your ingredients

Use a barista scale, take notes and refine your recipe.

Make it personal. Give your creations a name



What creations can you make?


Botanical Gin with The Lab Brewer Cold brew with The Lab Brewer Vermouth with The Lab Brewer Oils & Vinegars with The Lab Brewer Iced tea and flavored water with The Lab Brewer Flavored water with The Lab Brewer 



How it works


The Lab Brewer How it works The Lab Brewer How it works The Lab Brewer How it works 

The Lab Brewer How it works The Lab Brewer How it works The Lab Brewer How it works


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Eye catcher

The Lab Brewer's design is simple, but beautiful. The wooden frame is made out of the finest quality oak. Belgian fabric. The glassware is boro 3.3 glass, very trendy and resistant to thermal shock. Giving your brewer a privileged place will make it an eye-catcher and point of interest. Your guests would surely like to taste your creations.


Serve in Style

A fine collaboration with My Lab Story. The place where chemistry happens and experiments are born. Serve your creations in appropriate laboratory glassware. They will form the icing on the cake of your creations. Find out our assortment of laboratory and apothecary bottles.

Serve your beverages in branded beakers. Store your botanicals in reagent bottles. Serve your creations in style. They deserve it.




Horeca PurposesThe Lab Brewer in HORECA


Elixir of the house offering excellent return for your business

Serve your own homemade gin, vermouth, flavoured water or other elixir. The ideal way for restaurants and bars to stand out, because customers who see The Lab Brewer in action will want to have a taste themselves. Slowly but surely, the unique brew drips down. – a real show for all your guests. And they can be sure the ingredients are totally natural. The botanicals you add will determine the flavour and give each home-made gin its own character.



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