Hi my name is Dries Dauwe, owner and founder of The Lab Brewer, My Lab Story and The Brewing Community. 

My dream is to build a community of users who love creating their own custom made elixirs and want to share their experiences and recipes with the world. This community is about the love of pure ingredients, origins and unique creations. Creations that are made with The Lab Brewer and fit your personality and style of living. Creations are made with love. They need time and are modified until a perfect equilibrium is found. Drip by drip, allowing chemistry to do its work.

Our team


My Lab Story is growing.

We are building a dream team of entrepreneurs, specialists, botanists, ambassadors… Care to join our team? Contact me on dries.dauwe@mylabstory.com

"Making things yourself has always been the greatest gift."


“A unique brewing experience with delicious results

Simply great & easy to create your own botanical gin in just a few hours. Looks great too! The perfect gift for gin lovers or just as gift to yourself!”

Steffie D.


Making your own cold brew is an exciting summer activity. Because the explicit taste of the coffee, it's a good way to learn different kinds of coffee beans and origins. The delivery of the Lab brewer was fast and neat, which I guess is not so easy with all the glass parts in the setup.”

Maarten D.