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Gin Tasting
Gin Tasting

Gin is more than a hype. Gin is 'here to stay' and now forever. We experience a new generation of gins with greater taste freedom. Other botanicals get a place on stage next to juniper. Dries Dauwe, Belgian entrepreneur and inventor of The Lab Brewer, unravels the secrets of the New Generation Gins, during a fascinating workshop and gin tasting. Discover gastronomy in the glass; enjoy 4 full-fledged gin & tonics, make your own choice between more than 15 gins and discover how you can brew your own exquisite gin with this unique device. Recommended!


With an assortment of more than 15 own gins, The Brewing Community offers you an unforgettable and unique tasting experience at your preferred location.

Test 4 full-fledged G&T's of which 3 are selected by our expert. The last gin is determined by you yourself. This is how you choose the gin that you think fits best with your favourite taste.

In addition, you will get to know The Lab Brewer, a unique cold drip system, in an interactive way and learn how to prepare your own gin or other spirit. You discover, by means of video and photo material which botanicals and ingredients are used.

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Duration: 2 hours min
Price: 25 EUR for 4 G&T's*
Minimum number of participants: 15 p. (negotiable)
Do you wish to taste extra gins during the tasting? Everything is possible. Each participant pays 5 EUR per extra gin and tonic. 

We take care of everything: ice, glasses, tonic, water, ...

* The price does not include the possible rent of a location.


Post on : Sep 11, 2018
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Author : Dries Dauwe

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