Strawberries forever!

Strawberries forever

“Sweet and fruity? Do you like strawberries? Then this recipe is made for you. The Lab Brewer does it all! Fruity and sweet. One for the girls and strawberry enthusiasts.”

Made with Vodka to allow you to define juniper flavour.


  • 50 grams strawberries (30 gr if you prefer it less sweeter)
  • 3 gr juniper berries
  • 1,1 gr coriander
  • 2 pc cardamom
  • 0,1 gr rose leaves
  • 1,1 gr hibiscus
  • 0,1 gr orange sweet petals
  • 20 gr apple (small cubes)
  • 500 milliliters vodka (use basic gin if you like stronger gin flavour)
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