Black Dragon Gin

Tough name, but soft on the inside!

Softly sweet with spicy and floral winter notes.

Nice balance and character. Be careful with lychee. The more you add, the sweeter the taste.


  • 30 g lychee (4 pieces)
  • 0,1 g lemon zest or use dried lemon zest
  • 0,3 g orange peel
  • 1,1 g almond
  • 0,9 g coriander
  • 1 pinch nutmeg
  • 0,1 g Liquorice
  • 0,1 g cinnamon
  • 0,1 g lavender
  • 2 pc cardamom
  • 500 ml basic quality Gin


1. Cut the V60 filter up to the estimated height of the ingredients.

2. Peel the lychees, remove the pit and cut into pieces. Carefully put them into the filter. Don’t press; make sure filtration remains possible.

3. Slightly crush the coriander, cardamom, hibiscus, elderflower and rose leafs in a mortar.

4. Add a sniff of nutmeg, cinnamon and licorice. Add the botanicals on top of the lychees.

5. Tear the dried orange peel in small pieces with your fingers and sprinkle on top.

6. Cut the lemon zest in small strips and put them on top.

7. Cover the ingredients with a top filter

8. Add the basic gin.

9. Adjust dripping speed to 1 drip per second. Allow time and gravity to do the work.



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