My name is Dries Dauwe. My story begins in 2016. I was marketing expert working for Autogrill in Belgium and therefore also all the Starbucks stores located in Belgium. During that period cold brew was hip and trendy. 


Coldbrew is simply coffee, brewed cold. Not to be confused with iced coffee (in which espresso is served over ice). The best way to make cold brew is by using a cold drip. We call it dutch coffee. Instead of immersing coffee in room temperature water, icy cold water is slowly dripped over grounded coffee. The different flavors that are present in coffee beans make cold brew a fascinating drink for coffee geeks and baristas. No other coffee brewing method emphasizes the deepest flavors of chocolate, caramel, citrus, berries, and spicy notes. You can experiment with origins, grammage, extraction time and grind thickness until you find your perfect cold brew. The possibilities are truly called endless.


I had the idea to make a cold drip for home use and that is how The Lab Brewer was created from laboratory glassware. I created a webshop (mylabstory.com) and hoped coldbrew whould become mainstream in Europe. Meanwhile I experimented not only with water and coffee but also with alcohol and herbs. That’s how I created my very own botanical gins. I multiplied the number of brewers and created my own brewhouse at home, much to my wife’s delight. The Brewing Community was born. I had my own gin distilled by experts and I flavored it at home with herbs. That’s how I created Praetwater. A gin for my hometown Zele (Belgium).


Today The Brewing Community creates custom elixirs for events, companies, catering businesses and local ambassadors. We produce in small batches. This means that companies can offer their customers a unique and personalized product without a major investment.

Meanwhile, at home my wife, Orily Depraetere, got used of having a variety of botanicals stored in our production lab. She has a master degree in bioscience and has a profound interest in healthy food. That’s why she started experimenting on her own and produced her own healthy infusions. One for each morning, one for the evening, one for digestion, …

During a sales meeting with one of my clients, I served one of her homemade infusions. My client was surprised about the flavor. He loved it so much and asked if he could serve it in his restaurant. A few months later OriFusion was born. 

Orily Depraetere
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