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OriGINs: Gins and spirits with local attitude

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Micro batch gins
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We produce high quality and custom made gins in smaller quantities. We call them Micro Batch Gins. After distillation we allow our spirit to absorb the finest flavours using a cold drip method and a selection of fresh and dry ingredients. 

When good recipes come up, a new gin will pop up. All depending on seasonal products, creativity and the will of the creator to share his beautiful creation 😉

We love our job, love to think differently and aim for diversity. 

Praetwater Kuitenbijter

Gins and other spirits with local attitude

Local ambassadors asked The Brewing Community to create a custom spirit that represents the tradition, culture and taste of its region.

Discover our local collaborations!

Customised spirits for your business / event

The Brewing Community develops a spirit tailored to your business or event. From the choice of ingredients to the design and personalization of the bottle, you are in the lead.

Customer is king

Do you have your own catering business, event or company? Are you looking for a unique business gift or do you have something to celebrate? With a tailor-made spirit, the message will certainly stick!

Low investment

Our limited minimum order quantities guarantee a low investment for the customer

Vos Waaslandse Gin


When we communicate custom work, we a mean custom work. No private label spirit in a personalised jacket. You dream it? We make it!

a unique product

Your product is and remains unique. The customer receives exclusivity on the obtained recipe.

In for a collaboration?

Ready to start brewing?


All our creations are made with The Lab Brewer. A unique cold drip system that allows users to experiment and create delicious homemade elixirs. Alcoholic and nonalcoholic. It is about finding YOUR personal taste. The ritual of making it is just as enjoyable as indulging in it. Find out on our recipe page what beautiful creations you can make.

"I believe that making things yourself has always been The Greatest Gift."

OriFusion consciously opts for pure loose infusions and goes for more taste and experience. You can choose from a wide range of different infusions, healthy, something for everyone and tailored to the needs of the moment.

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